Spousal Sponsorship For Same-Sex Couples In Canada

For spousal sponsorship to be enjoyed in Canada, one of the individuals in the union or relationship must be a resident of the country and thus living in Canada. The resident can then act as the sponsor for the partner, who is a non-resident and assist them to acquire or attain citizenship.  Obtaining citizenship entails two steps. For one, the Case Processing Centre first assesses and determines the eligibility of the spouses.  It is accepted that as per the time of the application process, the spouse may be out of the nation.  However, he or she must portray the intention and willingness to reside or live in Canada and as a full-time citizen.  The other step is the determination of spousal eligibility. If the couple married in Canada, it is legible. Also, one that was legally married in another country is legible as well.  Besides, unmarried couples still qualify for spousal sponsorship, since the law recognizes those who have cohabited for a year or more as a couple. Those in serious and dedicated relationships, but for some reason such as immigration law are unable to live together, are recognized as conjugal spouses. Well, the process may be quick but may require so much work to be done and presented before approval.  For this and other immigration services, have a immigration lawyer Canada to assist you and act on your behalf. Learn more at www.migrationlawgroup.com.
Trying to go through the process may be cumbersome since you may not have sufficient experience in the immigration field as well as the law requirements. You could make some mistakes or omissions, and your case and application finally denied. An immigration expert could, therefore, be your best option. Well, there are several immigration experts, and one has to be keen with the selection process.   Ensure that you go for one that is reputable and with a great track record.  Check for factors such as transparency in their processes as well as fees charged to clients.  Reputable immigration experts have sufficient resources and experienced immigration lawyers. The customer reviews and customer feedback can assist you to make a decision on the immigration expert you will work with through the process.  Check if they are licensed and fully certified by the relevant bodies in Canada.  As well, consider one with whom you can communicate with effectively and comfortably. You can easily access immigration lawyers who communicate in multiple languages and thus eliminate the issue of language barrier. Learn more here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/william-morrow/top-7-immigration-law-iss_b_11916204.html.